An invitation for Fresh Aspirations to speak at Suffolk Coastal District Council full council meeting, proved to be a great opportunity for several of us to experience the meeting for ourselves.

When we first arrived our first impression was that it was quite intimidating. But some of the council members were very welcoming and broke the ice between us. I was overwhelmed by the size of room when we walked in and the amount of people there. The chair of Suffolk Coastal District Council who led the meeting, Cllr. Bob Snell, sat high on the platform for all to see and hear. Their meeting had the same sort of layout as ours but they also included a prayer or two from the reverend. We were first to speak, so Jenny said a little bit about us before leaving Jake to do our full presentation. This surprised many councillors as they were not expecting some Fresh Aspirations members to come along let alone to speak. I thought that Jake was very brave standing in front of all those councillors because he had no idea what they would be like or think of him but they loved the fact that Jenny got a young person to speak instead of herself and they really enjoyed his presentation. I was only spectating but I could see how proud of himself Jake was and the buzz that he got out of it. This has inspired me to try some public speaking for myself but maybe on a smaller scale.