We’ve been listening hard to our young members, finding out what they love doing and working out how much time they actually have to enjoy Fresh Aspirations whilst keeping on top of studies. The result is that we’ve changed a few things:

Firstly, communication has changed as we migrate towards a more online and mobile friendly way of getting in touch. Using a bespoke email service it’s easier to present and share news and opportunities with young people and post on platforms regularly accessed by the age group the message is aimed at.

Weekly meetings will be replaced by fortnightly meetings at the slightly later time of 7pm on a Thursday and finish at 9pm. Meetings are a bit longer to allow us to achieve more during the meeting without sending people away with projects to complete at home. Alternate meetings will be set aside for CV work, building up portfolios and recording experiences in as many ways as we can. The other meetings will be activity based and may take place at alternative venues.

Longer term we will be looking at whole day activities for holiday time. These will be very focused, consist of several different activities but all within a theme and with tangible outputs.

The first meeting will be on Thursday 15th September at the Technology Centre,  Station Road, Framlingham, 7 – 9pm. Subs for the year are £50. We will be offering opportunities for non-members to join in on an occasional basis for £4.00 per session.

Join our mailing list by emailing admin@freshaspirations.co.uk . We’ll be sharing county wide opportunities and useful links as well as letting you know what’s happening at meetings. You do not have to be a member (or a young person) to receive e-newsletters.