Member Reports

Presentation to Business Breakfast Club

14 year old Fresh Aspirations member Beckie, despite her trepidation, confronted her fears and embraced the challenge of delivering a presentation to a room full of business people. Here’s what she had to say about the experience: How did you feel when you were... read more

FBA Meeting

We attended a Framlingham Business Association (FBA) meeting on Monday 17th November. We went to the meeting alongside a few other Fresh Aspiration members. At first we were quite nervous as it was a completely new experience. However, it was very worthwhile. The... read more

Addressing an audience

Have you ever wondered, or has the thought ever occurred to you, of how you would feel if you were to address an audience of around thirty people? Or maybe even fifty? If you were to step into a spacious, majestic and almost overwhelming room, seemingly filled with... read more