Young members of an enterprising group in Framlingham were quick to respond to surprising careers advice from the cast and crew of The Detectorists during filming in the town.

“If you make a good round of tea and coffee from the word go you’re on your first, very important, rung of the ladder to becoming an indispensable part of the team.” advised producer Adam Tandy. Other cast and crew verified that delivering drinkable beverage got your face known, gained respect from the team and got your name on the contact list for future work. Brewing unpalatable refreshment is a non-starter for a successful career.

Armed with this information, Fresh Aspirations Forum arranged a training session with none other than the masters of coffee, Paddy & Scott’s in their Framlingham coffee shop. Trainer from Paddy & Scott’s, Emma-Louise Thorrold said “Having made tea and coffee for years it amazed me how complicated the process is if you take it right back to basics in order to cater for the various tastes and requirements of the coffee run for an office. We used ingredients that students could expect to encounter in a normal workplace, giving them confidence in any situation.”

Fresh Aspirations Forum member Nathan Martin said “I don’t drink coffee but have made it for Mum. This workshop made me realise that everybody wants their coffee differently and I now know how to ask the right questions so I can make exactly what they want”.

Member Emelia Garvie said “the session was really fun and even though I knew how to make drinks at home I learned a lot and now have the confidence to offer to do the coffee round when I start work. I’m sure that this will make a real difference to how I fit in”.

Each member of Fresh Aspirations Forum was given a certificate at the end of the evening which will be a rather unique, and by all accounts, very welcome addition to their CV.