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Hello, my name is Nathan Martin and I am interested in games and ICT but I don’t fancy sixth form so I’m looking at colleges to see if game design might be the perfect career for me.
I have been a member of fresh aspirations for over a year and enjoy experiences with other people, trying new things and meeting businesses. I am currently doing ICT as one of my GCSEs having already passed Media. I like to play on games when I have some spare time , always trying to improve my score and skill level and gain more experience with ICT and games. Driving games are my favourite, but I also enjoy playing Doctor Who and science fiction games.
I enjoy watching science fiction, my favourite being Doctor Who. I also like watching Marvel films, especially Average Age of Ultron.
I do have some other interests inside and outside my house. I’ve been playing the piano for about ten years because I really enjoy it. I also enjoy playing badminton in school, going on the school ski trips and riding my bike, which is why I took part in the Dunwich Dynamo last year – a 100 mile bike ride from London to Dunwich.

I’m looking for opportunities to develop my IT skills and maybe create games or Apps.