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The Institute of Directors (IoD) Student membership was piloted in January 2012, following the success of this, student membership was approved by the IoD council and incorporated in to the constitution and was extended to all students and universities across the country in September 2012. Since then, the membership has grown from 176, to over 3,000 students all across the UK.

Meet Jordam Holder – the man in charge of IoD student membership in Suffolk. Jordan explains ‘My role sitting on the committee in Suffolk is to ensure all of our student members make the most of their membership. For many young people, taking their first steps into the world of work, and that can be straight from A-Levels or University, is a very daunting step. I ensure our student members are best equipped for this world of opportunity that they will soon encounter.’

‘For me, personally, experience is key when it comes to carving out a career for yourself. I have been fortunate to have many extraordinary experiences in both my business and personal life,both complementing one another. As young people in business, we must strive to be better and to offer more than just a qualification but show how we’re able to adapt and learn in new environments. That is what develops a strong character and a leader in business.’