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Article by Rebecca Mercer
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awrad scheme offers a great experience for young people. As someone who is currently doing their Bronze D of E I can say that it has opened doors for me already. Duke of Edinburgh is an opportunity given to us to help us gain experience. Bronze Duke of Edinburgh includes 3 months of skills, 3 months of Physical and 6 months of volunteering. Once the three sections have been completed there is normally an overnight expedition.
For my D of E I have chosen horse riding as my physical, Fresh aspirations for my skills and for volunteering I help out at my local youth group. As I already did horse riding the fact that I put it down for my D of E physical hasn’t changed much apart from me having to be committed. However, I didn’t volunteer at group before D of E and have made a lot of friends since starting. Fresh aspirations was a new name to me and I am happy it was given as an option for skills as it has shared with me lots of information that was not as accessible at Thomas Mills (the school I attend).