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faf-memberHave you ever wondered, or has the thought ever occurred to you, of how you would feel if you were to address an audience of around thirty people? Or maybe even fifty? If you were to step into a spacious, majestic and almost overwhelming room, seemingly filled with faces staring up at you, perhaps a little impatiently, waiting for you to deliver your talk, what would you say?

These are intriguing questions and if you were to do this, you would certainly have an interesting, confidence-boosting experience and you would definitely remember this event for a long time! The sheer upsurge of awe intertwined with satisfaction you could feel if you have this experience is simply colossal. And there is a reason why I know this; I have had this experience myself.

Initially, I felt no feelings about the obstacle that was imminently growing closer and closer, for I could not perceive quite truthfully how seemingly great this task would be. It was only when I arrived at the Suffolk Coastal District Council meeting on 27th November 2014 and entered the magnificent hall for a room, with an image of the queen hanging noticeably on the wall for everyone to see, as well as the uncompromising sense of silence prevailing in the room once the meeting inaugurated, that a boiling sensation of fear started to churn within my trembling body!

Yet then the message finally came. At last, it was my turn to arise and deliver my speech. Everything was hanging on this moment. All appeared frozen whilst blank faces stared directly up at me and I felt unusually faint. However, from the very first word I uttered, a great surge of confidence arose from inside me and each and every word I stated echoed clearly across the entire room and by the time my speech came to an end, I received an enthusiastic round of applause!

My speech was mainly concerned with addressing the council about how we, as the Fresh Aspirations Forum, have used the council’s grant at the time for our aims.  As you can see, I feel gratified and really happy with myself about the outcome of my speech because from the second I begun, my nerves merely melted away.

So I suppose what I am saying is this: why not come and have a few trial sessions with us at Fresh Aspirations? This is only one of the masses of opportunities available for you! You could feel genuinely amazing after you have just learned something new about yourself, discovered a new skill that you enjoy learning or have a fantastic moment where you have managed to do something that you have never done before.  If you would like to gain an advantage, if you would like to learn new skills and if you would like to discover more about yourself, you know what to do. This is a chance you cannot afford to miss!

Please feel free to view our main page to learn more about us and why you would love to be a member of our team!


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